Dyna-Torque Technologies Houston Texas

dyna-torque technologies houston texasDyna-Torque Technologies, Inc is a world-wide leader in sales and service for the pipeline industry.  Specializing in welding, we can provide your project with expertise in training, sales, rental and service.

With locations in Houston, TX, Brazil, Holland (Amsterdam), Batam, Sydney, Australia.

In 1998, Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. determined that the automated pipe beveling equipmentbeing used in the pipeline construction industry was in need of modernization. The pipe facing machines (PFM’s) in service up to that time had not benefited from a significant upgrade since 1975. In July of 1998, Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. was formed and incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas. Patents were applied for and subsequently awarded.

Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. latest development, the LONESTAR Automatic Welding System was developed by Dejan Medanic and Michael Farrell and introduced in 2003. The LoneStar is an advanced orbital automatic pipe welding system designed to modernize traditional welding techniques and processes by integrating the latest in software development and microprocessor technologies combined with innovative device design to offer a compelling digital welding solution.

Our Commitment:

Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing the pipeline industry with the most efficient and trouble free equipment available. This is accomplished through continual research and develop, extending competitive pricing and offering outstanding customer service.