Automated Welding System – Single Head

Single head automatic welding   Single head automatic welding


Automatic Welding System – Single Head / Single Torch

Designed and built in Texas

Single Head Welding. Fast.  Accurate.  Time-saving.  The Lonestar automated welding system is trusted around the world to provide fast and accurate welding to help save time on your project.

Dyna Torque Technologies Inc., introduces its LoneStar automatic welding system developed by utilizing over 60 years combined experience in the pipeline welding industry, providing an excellent knowledge of welding processes and techniques. The LoneStar integrates the latest in software development and microprocessor technologies combined with innovative device design to offer a compelling digital welding solution.

The LoneStar welding system provides pipeline constructors with advantages over traditional welding processes:

  • more consistent weld quality through verifiable repeatability
  • microprocessor control of all welding parameters reducing weld repairs and labor costs, virtually eliminating the risk of human error in equipment operation
  • reduced dependency on experienced operators
  • elimination of interference with procedural welding parameters
  • real-time logging of welding parameters

Today’s endless demands for higher quality and lower costs require in-depth, specific, and highly-detailed production data. The LoneStar automatic orbital welding system provides real-time information enabling efficient management of the robotic welding line. Project managers can analyze raw production data in an unbiased environment, unfiltered by welders on the line.

The user-defined access to production information allows managers to conduct comparative analyses of quality and throughput benchmarks, as well as maintain tighter hold on costs via inventory and machine utilization assessments.

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Standard Features

  • Single head orbital welder.
  • Pipe size range 4″ (102mm) to infinite
  • Travel Speed Range:  0″-138″ (350cm)/min
  • Vertical Movement range:  2″ (51mm) motorized
  • Weight 22 Lbs (10Kg)

Full control and accurate computer feedback for your welding project!



Orbital Welder Applications

5G Standard

2 Weld Units



Fillet Close

Fillet Away

Extended Reach

2G Weld


Closed J-prep video on 24″ inch pipe

Single Head Automated system on 24″ pipe

FCAW welding process offshore

RMD Root on 6 inch 1.065 wall narrow J-Prep
welding without backing media