Pipe Facing Machines

pipe facing machines

Pipe Facing Machine

Designed and built in Texas

Dyna Torque’s Pipe Facing Machines are the fastest cutting, most versatile and user friendly machines on the market today.  Years of experience and the highest quality components are incorporated into every unit. Ranges from 6″ to 72″ with only 3 frames.

Clamp sections can be changed easily in the field if necessary. In a matter of minutes, pipe size changes can be made simply by unbolting one clamp, sliding it off, and sliding the other size on and re-bolting. Hydraulic connections connect and disconnect internally during change-out procedure…..no hoses or fittings to mess with and no hydraulic spillage due to Dyna Torques patented “boss” connecters.

6″-12″ Frame

12″-36″ Frame

36″-56″ Frame

24″-42″ Short Clamp

36″-48″ Short Clamp

36″-56″ Short Clamp


Standard Features

  • Quickly adjustable from 12″ (25.4 mm) through 36″ (914.4 mm) pipe sizes.
  • Repetitive concise bevels.
  • Easily sets up to any bevel configuration (stick electrode including modified “J” bevel configuration (stick electrode including modified “J” bevel, any automatic welding bevel and transition bevels).
  • Brush adapters eliminate both internal and external manual buffing, grinding or sanding.
  • No bevel set up to change pipe sizes.  Cutting heads move as one unit, eliminating bevel reset up time.

One Frame, Multiple Pipe Sizes By Changing Clamps

Common Bevels

Standard 30 degree



PFM 0612

PFM 1632

PFM 0612