Shop Fabrication

Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. provides expertise and any equipment for your shop fabrication needs. Our strong point is years of experience in development of welding parameters and welding procedure qualifications for many OnShore / OffShore pipeline projects. LoneStar Automated Welding System is designed for high productivity and durability in 24 hour a day operations.

Dyna Torque Technologies has assisted Fortune 500 companies as well as small family owned businesses with their fabrication needs. From welding risers, vessels, manifolds, and many other projects, the LoneStar welding system can assist on time and under budget.

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Manifolds – Headers / Production Risers / Buckle Arrestor / Flex Joint Welding / Pipe Spool / Specialty Welds / Welder Training

Manifolds – Headers

Taylor Forge is using the LoneStar automated welding system in their manufacturing shop located in Paola Kansas to weld up high quality manifolds that are put into production all over the world. Taylor Forge is a world wide leader in the manufacturing of manifolds and highly respected. The use of the LoneStar automated welding system in production is a statement to how durable and reliable the system is.

manifold headers welding slug catcher headers welding

Production Risers

GE VetcoGray is using the Dyna Torque LoneStar automated welding system to manufacture production risers for BP in their fabrication shop in Houston, Texas. Completing the first phase of the project with zero defects and ahead of schedule.

manifold headers welding slug catcher headers welding

Buckle Arrestor

Buckle arrestors are circumferential local stiffeners that are placed periodically along the length of the pipeline. When properly designed, they arrest an incoming buckle thus limiting the damage to the structure to the distance between two adjacent arrestors.

shop fabrication Houston SCR welding

Flex Joint Welding

Flex Joints provide pipeline protection from the stresses produced by ground motion either from seismic activity or gradual soil subsidence. Used to eliminate damage from Deflection and or Expansion/Contraction forces.

Buckle arrestor welding offshore fabrication Texas

Pipe Spool

The prefabricated components of a pipeline system are called pipe spools. They include the pipes, flanges and fittings, and they are mounted during the fabrication before they are delivered to the construction area. With a range from 4″ to flat, the LoneStar automated welding system will complete spools quicker than manual welding while reducing repairs.

Flex joint welding pipe flex joint welding

Specialty Welds

The Dyna Torque LoneStar Automated welding system will weld any round pipe projects. From Caterpillar rear axle tubes to any fitting needed. Fatigue test welds and anything needed to complete a project or procedure developement.

specialty welding pipe spool welding

Welder Training

Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. offers welder training and qualification service at our facility for procedure development and qualification, or at your project site, depending on your needs. Due to the user friendly features of our automated welding systems, training time is significantly reduced. Most welders can be trained in 15 minutes.

shop pipe fabrication welder qualification and training