Automated Welding System – Dual Head

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Automatic Welding System – Dual Head / Dual Torch / Twin Torch

Dual Torch to Double Output

Our dual torch welding system is the culmination of a careful design and manufacturing process that signifies our extensive knowledge in the automatic welding equipment. The dual torch design is the best solution for high production requirements that fabrication and pipeline industry faces.

Based on the detailed feedback received from the industry veterans and engineering experts, we have developed our tandem torch welding system that offers high throughput, consistent high-quality welding with significantly short lead time. Our dual torch model, embedded with most of the leading technology available, is an ultimate welding-productivity enhancing tool that every contractor desires.

We have spent a number of working hours to fine-tune our dual torch welding; as a result, the model offers a multitude of advantages against the alternatives:

  • Productivity rate and welding output of two welding machines with a smart integrated design that offers consistent welding quality in a fraction of the time.
  • A fully automated dual torch is designed with microprocessor-based controls, so it brings the repair costs and labor costs down significantly.
  • Since the equipment is compact and does the work of two, the transportation costs and time spent in moving the equipment on the site remain low.
  • All the welding parameters, including wire feed speed, current, oscillation, voltage, and travel speed, are computer controlled, therefore, the need of human interference, which often leads to errors, is eliminated.
  • The ownership cost of the unit is lower than owning two separate machines for welding in the pipeline and fabrication industry.

Tailored Equipment at Your Request

Our tandem torch welding system, which couples the digital control and monitoring with the objective to maximize the welding speed while complying with the high-quality welding standards, is also customizable for a number of industry requirements. We have a readily available support team and engineers who can help our dual torch welding model to adapt to a specific need.

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Full control and accurate computer feedback for your welding project!

Tandem Torch Welding


Video of Automatic Welding System in action