Automated Welding System – Single Head

Single head automatic welding   Single head automatic welding


Automatic Welding System – Single Head / Single Torch

Our single torch LoneStar welding system—integrating our vast experience in the manufacturing of the equipment for the pipeline industry—offers efficient and high-production welding on pipes of variable diameters. The LoneStar Welding bug is a lightweight and compact size design that brings the operational capability of bigger systems. Our engineers have embedded the latest technology in the compact design of the system; as a result, the unit is digitally controlled and self-moving. In the industry, it is known as a reliable mechanized pipe welding system that reduces the pipe-welding costs and offers high deposition rates along with consistent weld quality.

The single torch 5 G bug and band model—a competent welding system for offshore and onshore pipeline industry needs—moves along the seam and can work single, in pair, or even quad if pipe size and production rate require it. The single torch has the capability to move up and down, left and right, which offers extended reach and the ability of 2 G welding. With significant allowable movement, the welding at angles on the pipe surface can be programmed for specific needs.

The compact single head welding design offers a number of advantages over the traditional welding equipment:

  • A faster and economical design alternative that provides exceptional welding quality
  • As all parameters are programmable, the managers have full access to the production information for audits and monitoring.
  • Enabled to work in flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions, which makes it a solution for all pipeline-welding needs.
  • Microprocessor control of the welding, and thus, reduced welding costs including repairs and labor.
  • Integrated computer control reduces human error and weld repairs.
  • Automated process allows for less experienced welders to make high-quality welds quickly and repetitively.

Precision, Quality, and Productivity

Our single head-welding model exemplifies precision, quality, and productivity. Our research and development department is constantly looking at project data and feedback from our customers to improve design and function. The welding parameters, such as wire feed speed, voltage, current, oscillation and travel of the units, can easily be programmed, and thus, the movement of the welding bug can be digitally controlled.

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Full control and accurate computer feedback for your welding project!

                                                                                         Orbital Welder Applications

5G Standard

2 Weld Units



Fillet Close

Fillet Away

Extended Reach

2G Weld


Closed J-prep video on 24″ inch pipe

Single Head Automated system on 24″ pipe

FCAW welding process offshore

RMD Root on 6 inch 1.065 wall narrow J-Prep
welding without backing media