Automated Welding System – Single Head WF

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Automated Welding System – Single Head WF

Developed and Manufactured in Texas, USA

The LoneStar automated welding system, GTAW, is a timesaving solution that offers faster and precise welding while eliminating common issues consistent with weld defects. Our research and development department designed and developed the GTAW automated welding equipment to ensure that it works for a wide range of welding applications and allows welding in an extensive pipe size range.

The LoneStar automatic pipe welding system has become a trusted unit across the world in the fabrication and pipeline industry. An automated welding unit that irrespective of the conditions delivers fast and accurate results while eliminating the need of expert welder.

Our GTAW automatic welding system is a result of over 60 years of distinctive experience in the fabrication and pipeline welding industry. Capitalizing on our exceptional understanding of welding methods and techniques, we provide custom solutions to industry’s leading contractors, passing on our experience and expertise to our customers.

With our automated pipe welding unit, you get a number of benefits:

  • Great control of input heat to the workpiece, in other words, our units provides concentrated arc, which offers a localized—and clean—welding zone
  • The embedded microprocessor regulates and controls of all welding factors, which directly help reduce labor as well as repairs costs.
  • The automated design eliminates the human-error and accidents in the operations
  • A portable unit of 10 kg that offers operational range for variable pipes sizes ranging from 4″ (102mm) to completely flat for needs such as linear seam welding.
  • The need of experienced operators is reduced significantly even in difficult jobs
  • The procedural welding of the automatic welding bug eliminates interferences and repairs thereby increasing production.
  • Our software offers real-time logging of the welding parameters
  • A promise of consistent and unfailing weld quality through verifiable repeatability

Full control and accurate computer feedback for your welding project!

automated pipe welding

We have integrated the contemporary software and microprocessor technologies to our original device design—our automated welding equipment is a compelling digital-welding solution. Our engineers have aligned the demands of higher quality and lower cost operation with our automatic pipe welding solution. The real-time information enables efficient management of the work and compare it against the benchmarks.