Why Is It Important to Opt for GMAW Welding System?

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Also referred to as the MIG (metal inert gas welding), the GMAW welding system (gas metal arc welding) is an economical process. It involves an electric arc formation between a workpiece metal and a consumable wire electrode. You can opt either for automatic or semi-automatic GMAW processes.

The process of GMAW

The consumable wire electrode used in the entire process of GMAW is a solid wire type. An arc continuously feeds this electrode into the weld pool. Depending on the properties of base metal, proper welding wire is selected. The electric arc is shielded and protected with the help of an inert gas mixture. Among some of the essential controlling parameters include Arc current, voltage, wire feed and travel speed.

Choosing a power source for GMAW?

To maintain 100 percent efficiency in the entire GMAW processing, it is essential that you pick up an efficient and powerful welding power source. Once your welder completes the analysis of these parameters, he must check whether his chosen welding power source is able to meet your requirements or not.

Basic transfer modes for GMAW

Different welds require different transfer modes for GMAW. The choice of this transfer mode depends on the output that you expect from the entire process. Choosing the perfect transfer mode assists you with an increased GMAW efficiency and productivity.

The four commonly preferred transfer methods of GMAW include short-circuited transfer, globular transfer, spray transfer, and pulse-spray transfer.

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