Redefining Precision and Performance in the Pipeline Industry

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The performance standard for offshore and deep water pipelines is constantly being redefined with the use of precision pipe facing equipment.

pipe facing machine

Need for Specialized Equipment

The global demand for petroleum has resulted in the need to extend the areas of exploration. Newer equipment and expertise are required with regard to piping at deeper depths. Engineering advances and logistics work together with machines to perform efficiently in all types of environments. With the help of technology and developments in the field  fabrication pipe welding, the tools used are able to bear the rigors of underwater drilling.

Pipe Facing Machines

The PFM has been used to make bevels on 4” to 64” diameter pipes. The components of the machine include the bed, head stock, clamping vice and saddle.These narrow gap bevels on the ends of pipes are critical to ensure perfect welds. Pipe Facing Equipment produce bright, shiny, perfect bevels on manual pipes. They also reduce the volume of metal used and the welding time on heavy wall pipes by attaching modified bevels. In cases where the pipe bending machine cannot be used, these machines add mitered bevels. It also uses a combination of mechanical and hydraulic mechanisms to produce a bevel with a tolerance of 0.13mm. Before threading and galvanizing, this pipe acing machine is used to chamfer and deburr the pipes.

PFM Benefits

The pipe end preparation machine cuts a compound bevel with absolute precision onto the pipe before the welding process. It can work with mild steel, stainless steel and alloys to produce a high quality surface. It can produce bevels of the highest quality and drastically reduce the weld volume. It is easily transportable and ensures a high rate of production. Once the bevel configurations are set the automatic welding bug comes into play. Depending on the requirements, these machines will be able to produce bevels of different measurements.  Pipe facing machines can drastically increase the productivity of different types of pipeline projects.

Pipe facing equipment are very quick to install and are critical to the pipeline industry.

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