What Are The Key Benefits Of Automated Welding Systems?

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The process of melting two materials usually thermoplastics or metals, by using high heat and then allowing them to cool so that it will fuse together are called welding. Not only is the base metal melted, a filler material is also added to the joint. This forms a pool of molten material that when cooled will form a joint. There are various energy sources that are used for welding like a gas flame (chemical), ultrasound, electron beam, friction, laser and for electrical source: an electric arc. There is an automatic welding system called the dual torch welding system that is an excellent design. When there is a requirement for high production in the pipeline industry as well as the fabrication industry, this is the method that is best suited.

field fabrication pipe welding

Field Fabrication and Shop Fabrication

Field fabrication of pipes and shop fabrication are two choices that contractors have when it comes to the installation of pipes. In the case of field fabrication, the pipes are fabricated onsite and installed. The choice is made depending on the scope and size of the project, material and size of the pipe, weather conditions and accessibility of the equipment, the time frame within which the job has to be done etc. The Lonestar automated welding systems is usually the popular choice for field fabrication pipe welding applications because it is a very flexible and versatile range. These systems are regularly updated and this is a good thing.

The Better the Quality of the Clamps, the More Demand for Them

When pipes have to be welded together, when laying out a pipe line it is important that they are perfectly aligned. Whatever the terrain or the conditions that maybe prevailing, the alignment has to be precise. This is when very strong internal line up clamps will be used. If these clamps are versatile and can be adjusted with minimum effort to clamp pipes that are of various wall thickness, they will be in great demand among the professionals. These clamps should be able to endure any weather condition. To achieve such quality, a lot of thought has to go into the design process as well the manufacturing of these clamps. Rigorous quality checks are also performed.

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