Enhance your Productivity with Automated Welding

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Welding automation incorporates the use of machines in order to increase the speed and accuracy while manufacturing high quality welds. Indeed, welding is the most complicated manufacturing process. This system is simple to integrate in the manufacturing environment, thereby cutting the risk of errors and incompatible welds.


Welding automation has few important advantages, which include:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • High quality
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Less wastage


You are sure to achieve quality by combining mechanized torch as well as part motions along with electronic recall of limitations. With increased speed and minimum setup time, automated welding can simply outpace manual soldering.

Pipe welding

Welding is a significant part of every industry. The increasing demand of high quality welding is actually an ideal way to augment your ROI. It incorporates several systems such as positioners, turning rolls, manipulators, bed rollers, wire feeders, pipes, cutting machines, and lot more. Here is a brief discussion on pipe welding.

When talking about pipe welding procedure, you can opt for several welding codes. No wonder, the procedure is not very complicated and almost similar, if not same. Some basics of the procedures are as follows:

  • Joint Preparation: This process needs the welder to arrange the material that needs welding. Usually, there will be test coupons and when you receive the coupons, they require mill scale to remove from weld area. Pipe welding procedure needs gap opening of say 1/6 to 1/8 inch.
  • Root Weld: Most of the test needs doing inspection of the root before moving to next part. However, if there is any fault, it may need repair. It becomes important if the welding inspector gives the confirmation.
  • Fill and Cap: This is a straightforward procedure. Normally, nobody will investigate your fill and gap till the test completes. The inspector checks it and if he finds you struggling, you may fail at that spot. The general rule for cap: there should be no undercut more than 1/32 inch, the weld support must not go beyond 1/8 inch, and weld must be higher than test plates.

Last but not the least; presently, automated welding allows most of the companies to become environment friendly and people are opting for these procedures without much risk. For more info on automated welding, or to purchase any related welder, you can contact Dyna-Torque.

How automated pipe beveling machines can manage pipeline projects with ease?

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automated welding tools

The pipeline construction industry keeps leveraging with new technology machines to initiate pipeline systems in public and private locations. Mechanical power facilitates to decrease the time in maintaining any type of system that needs so much human labor. Especially, fitting and repairing pipelines is an important task that needs perfection to create errorless disposition. Notably, pipe beveling and orbital welding equipment can manage them efficiently without creating any issues in their functioning.

Automated machines for the pipeline industry

Well-known production companies prefer manufacturing superior quality modern machines. The automated equipment ensure utmost comfort to the workers and make the complicated tasks look simpler. The companies are implementing innovated technologies to build pipeline welding equipment that are very powerful in their service. Contractors of pipeline projects can avail this opportunity to order the orbital welding equipment from the original manufacturers and utilize genuine services. These Pipe welding manufacturers possess the ability to manage onsite or offshore projects using specialized equipment.

Pipe facing and welding machines

The workers can execute a pipe facing project very efficiently using beveling machines in a very short time. It reduces the overall time to reface damaged portions and changes the degree of the angles of bevels to achieve faster welding. The machines also help to decrease costs and increase operational consistency. Pipe Beveling machines are available in various models and designs to use in different needs.

Pipeline industry can use automatic welding equipment built in digital technology. They use an advanced microprocessor and controlled by ultra-modern technology functions. One can utilize single and multi-head machines in different projects according to the requirement. They reduce human errors and initiates proper welding for pipelines. The companies manufacture pipe welding machines in various designs and models and impart them the power of creating accurate welding between pipelines. These equipment can also minimize the operating costs once the projects maintain the pipelines with the modern machines.

Summing up, manufacturers are coming up with brand new technology to create advanced pipe beveling and orbital welding equipment. Laced with latest technology themes and automated digital processors, they reduce human labor and maintenance costs for pipeline systems appreciably.

Did you know these basic facts about Automated Welding?

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automated welding
The automatic welding is a continuous welding process that you can carry out with the help of welding equipment. Throughout this process, there is no requirement of any operator for running the welding machine continuously.

Types of Automated Welding Processes:

There are three main types listed under automatic welding processes.

  1. Automatic Fusion Welding

It is helpful in the process of the body, car frames and car part assembly process. Generally, the user accomplishes the process with the assistance of arc welding or laser welding techniques.

  1. Automatic Pressure Welding

Automatic Pressure Welding is suitable for car and motorbike frames assembly. It further plays a role in the tank or pipe assembly process that requires high leak tightness factor. Usually, the experts carry out automatic pressure welding through resistance spot welding, seam welding, and friction stir welding.

  1. Automatic Brazing or Soldering

This process is useful for assembly of electronic PCB’s, electrical components, cooling equipment pipes and other small parts of motorbikes and car. Automatic brazing or soldering is possible through electron beam soldering or furnace brazing process.

Besides, you need to consider many factors while selecting a piece of orbital welding equipment. Here are the most vital ones.

  • Dependable Quality: With a wide variety of welding equipment, the process of automatic welding has evolved to become more versatile. Orbital welding process plays a chief role in utilizing manufacturing roles for rapid fabrication of all the desirable components. This requires welding equipment to be of reliable quality and possess a consistent precision factor.
  • Power: Any welding equipment should offer multiple operating currents to provide a weld development over a broad range of sizes, types of materials, and thickness.
  • Control: A pendant controller is a manual aspect of control to increase the direct interaction of the instrument in the welding process. Highly calibrated welding equipment provides sufficient capacity for continuously monitoring values and thereby adjusting the weld control program.

Benefits of automated welding process

Here are four main benefits of automatic welding process:

  • Improves the weld quality
  • Increase the welding output
  • Decreases scrap
  • Reduces variable labor cost.

Overall, automated welding process increases welding efficiency, integrity, and repeatability. It is hence becoming a widely accepted method across varied industries.

Minor details about Pipeline Welding Industries you need to Know

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Things that go behind the operation in a pipeline industry, are in fact much more than what most people actually know. This eventually calls for a brief analysis of the processes and methods that the companies use for pipe welding companies.

Counter boring

While making a pipe, the inner wall could be uneven. This makes it difficult to weld two pipes together. Hence, counter boring can make an even surface throughout the inside wall of pipes. The welders fit the counter boring pipes at the end of the pipes to create smooth surface for the join.

Automated Single Head Welding

Single Head welding systems enhance the quality, productivity and precision appreciably. It enables to program many welding parameters like voltage, current, wire feed speed, etc. easily. Evidently, it becomes effective in controlling the movement of the welding bug digitally. Notably, a single torch bug and band model is a competent welding system for both onshore and offshore pipeline industries. It can work in a pair, quad setup as well as single, depending on the size of the pipe and production requirement.

Why prefer single head welding?

Here are some advantages of the single head welding over the traditional setup.

  • Since all of the parameters are programmable, the people managing the setup can have complete access to the production information.

  • A microprocessor controls the welding, hence bringing down its cost.
  • More economical design alternative and offers great welding quality.
  • Since the process is completely automated, even less experienced welders can have high-quality welds.

Hence, automated single head welding is always a great thing for pipeline welding industry including both the experienced and newbie companies.

To sum up, automation is becoming the need of the hour with time. Therefore, adopting the new welding methods is becoming all the more important. Are you keeping pace with the emerging trends?

Mechanized Welding Equipment – Bringing Upgradation in the Industry

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Automated weldingPipeline construction industry is one of the least developed industries over time. Despite being one of the prime necessities in every building, development of this field of engineering has been delayed off late. Tracing back the timeline, a pipe beveling machine came into existence in 1975. Since then, there has been no change or modification to it.

Fortunately, some of the US based companies have ushered light over the mechanical aspect of pipeline industries. A company has thankfully introduced an advanced automatic pipe welding machine as well as pipe bevelling machine. Manufactured with latest technology, these mechanized welding equipment have brought about a revolutionary change in the style of functioning of the concerned industry. Here is more on these machines:

  • Pipe facing machines:

    This is a new generation bevelling machine providing offshore pipe welding. Manufactured in Houston, different chassis of Pipe Facing Machines or PFMs are available now. Each of them is unique and designed to achieve quality welding. The manufacturing of models takes place in such a way that they complement pipes ranging from 4 inches to 72 inches.

  • Orbital automatic pipe welding equipment:

    This automated welding machine offers digital welding solution to the pipeline industry. The single head, dual head WF and GTW are applicable for different projects. They have in-built microprocessors providing ultra-modern control technology. This aids in accurate welding of pipes by eliminating human error.

The US based companies are pioneering the manufacture of new generation of mechanized welding equipment. The PFMs, automated welding machines and an array of internal clamps are available in different sizes and designs.

These not only help in quality welding with repeatability, but are also effective in eliminating accidents, reducing labor and minimizing operating cost. Overall, this modernized offshore pipe welding technology has solutions for almost every possible scale of projects across the globe.

Automated Welding Equipment – Adhering to needs of Shop Pipe Fabrication

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Welding has become the backbone of assorted industries worldwide with its seamless joining of varying materials just by exposing them to heat. However, in order to get the precise and faultless welding, the presence of the apt parameters and the correct instrument is necessary. Therefore, the users need to choose their equipment wisely in order to deliver flawless projects within time. Notably, the automated welding equipment proves to be of immense help in this regard because of its user-friendly features. Various industries including fabrications, valve manufacturing, power generation, metal recycling, oil, and gas, etc., have -accepted this particular method of welding amicably.

Aiding the fabrication industry

For proper shop fabrication, one needs a variety of equipment to make the procedure easy, effective and less time-consuming. With adequate knowledge about the parameters and exact training, one becomes a seasoned expert and can increase returns using the automated instruments.

The wide variety of automated welders can address the prime needs in shop pipe fabrication in both offshore and onshore pipeline ventures. The aim behind developing and designing this automated system was to enhance durability and productivity in the fabrication industry. Moreover, the usage of this machine reduces both the working hours and cost which is a huge saving for any industry.

Benefits at their best

Of all the welding methods, like shield-head, mechanical and others, automated welding equipment has gained popularity for their excellent expertise and safe handling. The machine itself regulates the parameters accordingly to produce fine results with occasional manual help of the user. Its easy-going procedure and accurate usage of metals and fillers make it a go-to choice of the companies.

To conclude, the importance of an apt machine in welding is undeniable for producing and delivering precise projects on time. Thus, it is wise toy choose and utilize the automated welding equipment to fabricate all your fabrication ventures fantastically!

Why Is It Important to Opt for GMAW Welding System?

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Also referred to as the MIG (metal inert gas welding), the GMAW welding system (gas metal arc welding) is an economical process. It involves an electric arc formation between a workpiece metal and a consumable wire electrode. You can opt either for automatic or semi-automatic GMAW processes.

The process of GMAW

The consumable wire electrode used in the entire process of GMAW is a solid wire type. An arc continuously feeds this electrode into the weld pool. Depending on the properties of base metal, proper welding wire is selected. The electric arc is shielded and protected with the help of an inert gas mixture. Among some of the essential controlling parameters include Arc current, voltage, wire feed and travel speed.

Choosing a power source for GMAW?

To maintain 100 percent efficiency in the entire GMAW processing, it is essential that you pick up an efficient and powerful welding power source. Once your welder completes the analysis of these parameters, he must check whether his chosen welding power source is able to meet your requirements or not.

Basic transfer modes for GMAW

Different welds require different transfer modes for GMAW. The choice of this transfer mode depends on the output that you expect from the entire process. Choosing the perfect transfer mode assists you with an increased GMAW efficiency and productivity.

The four commonly preferred transfer methods of GMAW include short-circuited transfer, globular transfer, spray transfer, and pulse-spray transfer.

Why is it Beneficial to Utilize Advance Welding Systems?

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The pipeline industry requires a lot of technology-driven equipment for offshore welding services. One of the leading firms has ample experience in handling numerous welding capabilities for different offshore pipeline ventures. The automated welding system is of two types – double and single head welding system. The double head welding framework increases the overall efficiency while providing high profitability and repeatability. On the other hand, the single head system intends to deliver better-quality welds in 24-hour daily activities.

 Automated weldingThe modern welding solutions are time-saving, efficient, and precise. Also, they are developed by using over 60 years of joined involvement in the pipeline welding industry, giving an adequate information on welding methods and procedures. The manufacturing organizations incorporate modern software and technologies in order to offer computerized welding solutions for reducing welding costs. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the latest welding system, you need to consider the entire functionality of that particular system.

Advantages of using advanced welding solutions for cross country pipeline over conventional welding procedures:

  • More consistent weld quality with maximum repeatability
  • Microprocessor controlled welding factors help in decreasing weld repairs and work expenses
  • Reduction of dependency on experienced personnel
  • Elimination of obstruction with standard welding procedure welding values.

The ever-increasing demand for requests for premium quality and economical approach can only be achieved by in-depth and detailed information. The programmed welding solutions, including single head welding system, provides continuous data along enabling a better administration of the mechanical welding line. In addition, the production information to supervisors allows them to lead the comparative evaluation of quality while maintaining a record of stock and equipment use. Such welding systems provide fast, accurate, and highly efficient welds within a stipulated time period. These welding systems give cross country pipeline constructors numerous preferences over other conventional welding forms.

Thus, it becomes imperative to utilize the advanced welding systems as they are well-equipped to provide consistent solutions while reducing overall project costs. Also, they reduce the manual labor and dependency on personnel.

What are the common benefits of using automated welding tools?

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automated welding tools

The automated welding equipment can help a lot in enhancing the efficiency and profitability of any business. In any industry where welding work is largely required, the automatic welding devices give precise and proficient welding arrangements, while eliminating regular mistakes occur during manual welding. Orbital pipe welding equipment decreases the general cost to the organization and adds the quality to the item.

These welding systems integrate with the most recent software and microchip technologies offer a great computerized welding solution with real-time information to enable effective administration of automated welding line. The pipe welding equipment evolved to modernize the conventional method of welding, integrates the most recent innovation as a solution. Orbital welding procedure has transformed the pipeline industry by providing an effective apparatus to streamline both onshore and offshore item.

The mechanized welding equipment delivers top-notch quality items at a lower cost as well as limits the risk of human error. There exist various advantages of automatic welding process which are as follow:

a) Productivity – The automated welding arrangements enhances the output when contrasted with manual welding. This economical welding approach enables the organizations to be more aggressive and beat off rivalry.

b) Quality – The premium class pipe welding equipment guarantees ideal welding solution. It gives consistently exceptionally good quality result round the clock with a lesser amount of expense.

c) Consumable costs – Narrower bevel choice decreases the weld volume and the amount of filler metal. Use of consumable and filler metal is more proficient.

d) Safety – A welding framework addresses some health and safety issues related to unsafe gaseous components amid welding. This also decreases the chances of any hazard for which employees demand compensation too on being affected or harmed.

Welding is a specific field and automation is the ultimate solution to its problems. Welders are given proper training to use mechanized welding equipment in the field of manufacturing and welding procedures to eradicate all sorts of troubles. Certain welding tasks are exceptionally exhausting when executed manually; therefore, the robotized welding framework has exceeded over the conventional ways to deal with welding.

In short, the orbital pipe welding tools assist in delivering a superior outcome with a higher quality of welding and pipe creation.

All You Need To Know About the Automated Welding System

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Automated Welding

The GTAW or the Automated Welding System is one of the best solutions for those looking for a precise, faster, as well as time saving welding in the pipeline industry. While eliminating most of the common errors that occur consistently, it ensures that it will work a lot better than other traditional welding equipment. This outstanding welding system is designed and developed by the research and development team of Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. in Texas U.S.A. The prime purpose of developing such GTAW Pipe Welding Procedure is to make sure that it helps in working for a wide variety of welding requirements and also in an extensive pipe size range.

This exceptional Single Torch welding system is a result of several years of experience in equipment manufacturing for the pipeline industry. It is one of the best options when it comes to efficient as well as high-production welding on pipes of different diameters. Adapting this Automated Welding System has already become a trusted unit in the fabrication and pipeline industry all over the world as it offers a number of benefits. A few of them are listed below:-

  • It has a great control of the input heat and provides a concentrated arc which helps in offering a clean localized welding zone.
  • Its embedded microprocessor not just regulates but also controls all the welding factors which eventually help in reducing additional repair and labor costs.
  • The automated design of this system helps in eliminating the human-based errors and accidents that occur during operations.
  • This GTAW Pipe Welding Procedure also helps by the elimination of interferences as well as repairs which boosts production noticeably.
  • It reduces the need for an experienced operator even in case of a difficult task.
  • Its software provides you a real-time logging of the welding parameters.

So, if a reliable and consistent weld quality through verifiable repeatability is all that you are looking for, nothing can be better than the LoneStar Single Torch welding system.