Counter Boring

Counter Boring Different Pipe Sizes with a Single Unit

Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. is the company that established its expertise and design ingenuity in the industry by upending the pipe facing machines (PFM) technology; our versatile PFM helped a number of clients to complete the pipeline projects on time and with high quality. We helped the industry to move towards counter boring equipment that could apply to multiple types of beveling in a fraction of time and cost.

An Innovative Solution for Enhancing Adaptability

With the advent of our automated design, the PFM models become more powerful and versatile, and as a result, contractors could reconfigure the machine for a number of beveling needs, from counter boring, internal transition, compound, J, V and U bevel. In the industry across the world, our current PFMs are considered one of the best customizable solutions for a range of pipes. By changing the clamp section, an operator can adapt the machine for counter boring of different size pipes— from 12″ (25.4 mm) to 36″ (914.4 mm) on one machine size. Our designs have become extremely adaptable with the development of a patented technology that eliminates the need of changing hydraulics for making counter boring equipment compatible.

Compatible with Electric and Diesel Power Units

With an objective to keep our designs versatile and durable, we designed our counter boring PFMs in such a way that it can be powered by multiple power sources. The machines are not just flexible in terms of work but are also capable of running off diesel engine and an electric power unit. Such flexibility makes it adaptable to a number of projects such as facilities, and cross-country operations. It does not matter whether you want our PFMs to face pipe in a ditch, in a fabrication shop, or in a desert, its performance and durability remain the same.

Whether it is tie-ins, fittings, or elbows, our range of pipe facing machines are a suitable resource for counter boring. For more information bevel designs and on sizes of the pipe facing machines, contact us, we are eager to help you.

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