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The versatility and flexibility of our range of Lonestar Automated Welding systems, as well as accessory equipment, powered by the innovative engineering and years of experience in the fabrication and pipeline industry, makes them preferred choice among professionals for a multitude of field fabrication pipeline welding applications.

Our single head automated welding system, along with other selected models, offers unparalleled flexibility to multiple weld methods and construction needs. The unmatched versatility and compatibility are a result of our commitment to settle for nothing but the best. Our teams of innovators are always working to improve design and function based on customer input and project needs. Constant auditing and updates to our automated welding system to pipe facing machines, to internal line up clamps and bevel equipment keep Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. at the head of technology and field fabrication pipe welding.

The automated welding systems that we manufacture and supply has a completely customizable range of travel speed, wire feed speed, and oscillation parameters for a custom weld procedure based on weld material, thicknesses, and joint designs.

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Slug Catchers / Tie In / Spoolbase / Compressor Station / Launchers – Receivers / Refineries

Following are the examples of work we have assisted companies and contractors to execute:

Slug Catchers

We, at Dyna Torque have provided our cutting-edge equipment and services to many renowned contractors for slug catcher constructions. Our equipment has performed in the range of conditions, ranging from the hills of West Virginia to the plains of West Texas, and the swamps of Louisiana. No project is too big or too small, nor is any location is too remote. We have solutions for in field fabrication pipe welding that ensures reliability.

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Tie In

Road Crossing, River Crossing, Main Line to Auxiliary Line, Main Line to Plant Feed line, Specialty sections of pipe, such as bends, etc. Front end crew will run main pipeline and leave obstructions to be tied in later when ditches are prepped and road/river boring has been completed while not holding up the main line.

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DynaTorque’s LoneStar automated welding designs have proven to pace up the weld production and helped join long stalks, as long as half a mile, together, which was spooled for offshore and onshore pipe laying projects. We can help you attain high-quality welds and eliminate errors and defects while completing an array of projects on schedule.

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Compressor Station

Professionals in the industry know how difficult it gets to get the consistent and high-quality welds at compressor stations—a facility that helps the movement of the natural gas by compression from one place to another—because of the intricate structure. Our welding equipment and welding solutions have helped a multitude of clients to build stations, by welding tie-ins and running main lines together in field fabrication pipe welding, without defects.

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Launchers – Receivers

Our line of automated equipment and welding units can help smoothen pigging, a process in the maintenance of pipelines where inspection gauges called as pigs execute various repairing and maintenance operations without stopping the flow in the pipeline.

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Across the world, our range of automated products and systems, with an operational range from 4″ to linear seams, has assisted contractors in the construction of pipelines at refineries. With the capability to weld corrosion-free alloys, including stainless steel, carbon, titanium, and other pipe grades, the LoneStar systems have helped many to complete projects on time and within budget.

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