Hydraulic Internal Line Up Clamps

Dyna Torque also offers Hydraulic Internal Line Up Clamps. Dedicated to providing any and all equipment our customer need. With a wide range of Hydraulic Internal Line Up Clamps available, we can provide the clamp you need. Speed up your project with up to date equipment. At Dyna Torque Technologies we strive to provide our customers with the right equipment to complete their project.

hydraulic internal line up clamps


Hydraulic Internal Line Up Clamps – Model 245


* Has all the advantages of the manual version, plus hydraulic power.
* Easy to operate.
* Requires no outside power unit.
* Precision manufactured and field proven.
* Standard through 52″



LB. Weight

22″ 12 301
24″ 17 339
26″ 21 360
30″ 32 420
34″ 44 522
36″ 50 595