Internal Line Up Clamps

Internal Line Up Clamp to achieve optimum pipe alignment

We have an inventory of robust internal line up clamps that fulfill the most challenging demands of the pipeline projects. The lineup clamps we supply, embodying the vast experience of our engineers and ingenuity of our research teams, ensure precise alignment of pipe sections for welding, irrespective of the terrain and conditions of the project.

The distinguishing feature of our range of internal line up clamp is its versatility; with minimum effort, technicians can adjust a clamp quickly for pipes of different wall thickness, making them preferred designs among professionals in the field.

As our internal line up clamp models are a result of thoughtful design and careful manufacturing processes— as well as a multitude of rigorous internal quality check—they all have proved to be reliable on a range of extreme weather pipeline construction fields.

The features and characteristics that make these internal lineup clamps the ultimate resource for rapid and accurate pipe alignment during the welding operation are

  • Availability of a number of models for pipe sizes varying from ″8-60″; we offer solutions for all sizes and thickness of pipes
  • Clamp models that are designed for 12″-60″ pipe will cover two pipe sizes by employing the conversion kits
  • Standard clamps that we offer can be used to align pipe of various wall thickness by changing shims on the clamp shoes allowing quick change for wall thickness changes on a single project.
  • The larger models for larger pipe come with powered travel drive for ease of movement.
  • A wireless remote control on our automated system provides flexibility to users to position the clamp and achieve the alignment from a safe distance and without manual interaction.

Our proven models reduce the fit-up time required to start welding while improving bevel for the perfect, error-free weld. Buyers can check the various types of clamps we offer in the section below. For further enquiry about our made in the USA equipment, contact us, we will help you find the best solution for your need.

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Internal Line Up ClampsInternal Line Up Clamps
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Internal Line Up ClampsInternal Line Up Clamps
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Internal Line Up ClampsInternal Line Up Clamps
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Internal Line Up ClampsInternal Line Up Clamps
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