Multiple Size Engine Driven Wedge Mandrels

multiple size engine driven wedge mandrels
Multiple Size Engine Driven Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel

* A completely self-contained unit with air cooled diesel engine powering its own hydraulic system
* Five models cover pipe sizes 24″-60″
* Pipe Ranges: 24″-30″, 30″-36″, 36″-42″, 40″-48″, 52″-60″
* Sizes within the ranges covered by easy change conversion kits
* Wheel boxes adjustable thru each range
* Different wall thickness does not require shimming adjustments
* Designed specifically to meet the bending requirements of X65 and higher grades of pipe


Pipe Size




CU ft

CU m



MEDHWM 24-2624-26″/610-660 mm188″/4775 mm21″/533 mm19″/483 mm43.41.244400/2000
MEDHWM 28-3028-30″/711-762 mm188″/4775 mm25″/635 mm23″/584 mm62.51.784600/2090
MEDHWM 30-3230-32″/762-813 mm188″/4775 mm27″/686 mm26″/660 mm76.42.184800/2181
MEDHWM 34-3634-36″/864-914 mm188″/4775 mm29″/737 mm28″/711 mm88.32.525200/2364
MEDHWM 36-3836-38″/864-914 mm188″/4775 mm31″/787 mm30″/762 mm101.12.896500/2955
MEDHWM 40-4240-42″/1016-1067 mm198″/5029 mm34″/863 mm32.5″/826 mm126.63.6210500/4773
MEDHWM 46-4846-48″/1168-1219 mm198″/5029 mm40″/1016 mm38.5″/978 mm176.55.0412000/5455
MEDHWM 52-5452-54″/1321-1371 mm228″/5792 mm46″/1168 mm43″/1092 mm2617.4619000/8636
MEDHWM 5656″/1422 mm228″/5792 mm50″/1270 mm47″/1194 mm3108.8619000/8864
MEDHWM 58-6058-60″/1473-1524 mm228″/5792 mm52″/1321 mm49″/1245 mm336.19.6020000/9090