Multiple Size Hydraulic Wedge Mandrels

multiple size hydraulic wedge mandrels
Multiple Size Hydraulic Wedge Mandrels


The Dyna Torque Wedge Mandrel is used specifically to meet the bending requirements of X65 and higher grade pipes. The mandrel operator controls all functions of the mandrel. Different wall thickness doe not require shimming adjustments.

* Power is provided by the bending machine hydraulic system or by an auxiliary unit
* Specifically designed for low cost maintenance
* Five models cover pipe sizes 24″-60″
* Pipe Ranges: 24″-30″, 30″-36″, 36″-42″, 40″-48″, 52″-60″
* Fast approach and powerful locking action is provided by double angle hardened steel wedges
* Auxiliary power units, if required, can be supplied at additional cost to the customer
* Conversion kit available for pipe sizes within mandrel’s range


Pipe Size




CU ft

CU m



MHWM 24-2624-26″/610-660 mm128″/3251 mm21″/533 mm19″/483 mm29.50.8422400/1091
MHWM 28-3028-30″/711-762 mm128″/3251 mm25″/635 mm23″/584 mm42.61.212600/1182
MHWM 30-3230-32″/762-813 mm128″/3251 mm27″/686 mm26″/660 mm521.482800/1273
MHWM 34-3634-36″/864-914 mm128″/3251 mm29″/737 mm28″/711 mm60.11.723000/1364
MHWM 36-3836-38″/864-914 mm128″/3251 mm31″/787 mm30″/762 mm68.91.974500/2045
MHWM 40-4240-42″/1016-1067 mm128″/3251 mm34″/863 mm32.5″/826 mm81.82.346000/2727
MHWM 46-4846-48″/1168-1219 mm128″/3251 mm40″/1016 mm38.5″/978 mm1143.267500/3410
MHWM 52-5452-54″/1321-1371 mm144″/3658 mm46″/1168 mm43″/1092 mm164.84.713000/5909
MHWM 5656″/1422 mm144″/3658 mm50″/1270 mm47″/1194 mm195.85.614500/6591
MHWM 58-6058-60″/1473-1524 mm144″/3658 mm52″/1321 mm49″/1245 mm212.36.0616750/7614