Role of Orbital Welding Equipment in Automatic Welding System

Written by Dyna on April 24, 2018. Posted in Blog, Pipe Bending Machines

Orbital Welding Equipment The pipeline construction industry is developing day by day and with this, comes a growth in the technology as well! When talking about growth and technology, how can somebody not mention Automatic welding system?  This system simply enables various degrees of automation of the girth welding process. Through this system, there are chances that your business will not just increase its productivity but also boost its profitability. Along with providing precise, repeatable and competent welding solutions, it also eliminates the common errors which are found in manual welding.

This system involves the working of Orbital Welding Equipment which is highly specialized in the area. It helps in reducing the overall cost to the company while adding quality to the product.  It is capable of working in extreme environments along with minimal maintenance intervention. Probably that is why Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. has introduced their LoneStar Single Torch Automatic Welding System. It has been developed after combining 60 years of experience in pipeline welding industry and knowledge of the processes and techniques. Fast, Accurate, and Time-saving are the three words that describe Single Head / Single Torch welding the best.

As nowadays, there is an endless demand for higher quality and lower costs, the automatic Orbital Welding Equipment meets all such requirements. It provides real-time information that enables effective management of the robotic welding line. It integrates the latest software development as well as microprocessor technologies along with innovative device design which together offers a convincing digital welding solution. It provides the pipeline constructors with the following advantages over conventional welding process:-

  • It offers a real-time logging of welding parameters
  • It eliminates the interference with procedural welding parameters
  • It also reduces dependency on skilled and experienced operators
  • It reduced weld-repair and labor costs by elimination of the risk of human error
  • It provides more consistent weld quality through repeatability

So, if you are also looking for such efficient welding equipment for your business, contact Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. today!

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