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Pipe Facing Machine (PFM)

Pipe Facing Machine (PFM) Designed and built in Texas

Professionals in the pipeline industry know nothing is more frustrating than receiving a pipe with damaged ends, as it makes harder to adhere to the schedule of the pipeline construction and adds extra cost and work hours. Dyna Torque’s line of pipe facing machine offers the solution to the problem; our range of equipment—designed, developed and manufactured in the USA—provides precise beveling in the fields even in harsh weather conditions. Damaged ends or a need to change bevel design? Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. can assist on you construction needs.

Promise of Quality

We have incorporated our years of experience in the industry in the design, development, and manufacturing of our hydraulic pipe facing machine range. As a result, Dyna Torque’s pipe facing machines— equipped with the highest quality components —are flexible, adaptable, and user-friendly. Fabrication professionals can achieve precise beveling for a range of pipes; with only three frames, pipes ranging from 6″ to 72″ can be beveled for welding.

Unparallel Flexibility and Versatility

Adherence to modular design philosophy offers our hydrualic pipe facing machine exceptional versatility. When required, the clamp sections of our machine can be changed with no trouble to make the pipe facing equipment compatible with a range of pipe sizes. All that needs to be done is to unbolt the clamp, slide it off, and slid the other size on and re-bolt the clamp. Dyna Torques patented boss connecters make the change a smooth procedure with no need for connecting and disconnecting hydraulic lines.

6″-12″ Frame

12″-36″ Frame

 pipe facing machines

Hydrualic pipe facing machine

36″-56″ Frame

24″-42″ Short Clamp

Hydrualic pipe facing machine

Pipe Facing Machine

36″-48″ Short Clamp

36″-56″ Short Clamp

 Pipe Facing Equipment

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Standard Features

  • Capable of beveling pipe ranging from 12″ (25.4 mm) to 72″ (1828.8 mm) with only 3 chasis.
  • Quick and repetitive precision bevels with I.D. contour tracking.
  • Flexibility to adapt to any bevel configuration; our design can offer modified “J,” “U,” and “V” bevel configuration, also including any transition bevels and automatic welding bevel.
  • Brush adapters eliminate the need of internal, as well as external, manual buffing, or any other procedure like sanding and grinding.
  • Simply by changing clamps, a single frame offers compatibility for a multitude of pipe sizes

One Frame, Multiple Pipe Sizes By Changing Clamps

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Bevel Types

Be it to re-face damaged bevels or to change from standard 30° to narrow groove, our designs can do it all. Reduce weld time and need of filler material to speed up production and reduce overall costs, we offer the best solutions for pipe facing.


PFM 0612

PFM 1632

PFM 0612