Pneumatic Double Jointer Clamps

pneumatic double jointer clamps


Pneumatic Double Jointer Clamps

Call us today to inquire about our pneumatic double jointer clamps.
* Designed specifically for use with Double Jointer
* Available in sizes 16′ to 60′
* Adjustable for various wall thickness within clamp’s range
* Copper back-up shoes help prevent burn through
* For efficient operation, the compressed air pressue should be 180-200 PSI. (12.4-13.8 Bar)
* Maximum safe working pressure is 225 PSI (15.5 Bar)


Pipe Size




CU ft

CU m



DJ 16-1816-18″/406-457 mm94″/2388 mm17″/432 mm19″/483 mm17.60.50700/318
DJ 20-2220-22″/508-559 mm94″/2388 mm21″/533 mm23″/584 mm26.3.74750/340
DJ 24-2624-26″/610-660 mm98″/2489 mm25″/635 mm27″/686 mm38.31.08950/431
DJ 28-3028-30″/711-762 mm98″/2489 mm29″/737 mm31″/787 mm51.01.441600/726
DJ 30-3230-32″/762-813 mm98″/2489 mm31″/787 mm33″/838 mm58.01.641650/748
DJ 34-3634-36″/864-914 mm114″/2896 mm35″/889 mm37″/940 mm85.42.421800/816
DJ 40-4240-42″/1016-1067 mm128″/3251 mm41″/1041 mm43″/1092 mm130.63.703000/1361
DJ 46-4846-48″/1168-1219 mm128″/3251 mm47″/1194 mm49″/1245 mm170.64.833500/1588
DJ 52-5452-54″/1321-1372 mm138″/3251 mm53″/1346 mm55″/1397 mm232.86.595000/2268
DJ 54-5654-56″/1372-1422 mm138″/350555″/1397 mm57″/1448 mm250.47.095400/2449
DJ 58-6058-60″/1473-1524 mm138″/350559″/1499 mm61″/1549 mm287.48.146000/2722