Pneumatic Self-Centering Line Up Clamps

pneumatic self-centering line up clamps
Self-Centering Pneumatic Lineup Clamp
Dyna Torque offers the best pneumatic self-centering line up clamps for your project.


* Automatic centering mechanism helps to prevent Hi-Lo.
* Adjustable for various wall thickness within clamps range
* Spring mounted reserve air tank provides sufficient air pressure for lining up incoming pipe joint
* For efficient operation, the compressed air pressure should be 180-200 PSI (12.4-13.8 Bar).
* Maximim safe working pressure is 225 PSI (15.5 Bar)
* Available in sizes 6″-20″
* Conversion kits available to adapt clamp for two pipe sizes, starting at 12″


Pipe Size




CU ft

CU m



SAIPLC 88″/219 mm57.5″/1460 mm7″/178 mm7″/178 mm2.06140/63
SAIPLC 1010″/273 mm58″/1473 mm8.5″/216 mm8.5″/216 mm2.5.76205/92
SAIPLC 12-1412-14″/324-356 mm58″/1473 mm11-13″/279-330 mm11-13″/279-330 mm62.7270/122
SAIPLC 14-1614-16″/356-406 mm60″/1473 mm13-15″/330-381 mm13-15″/330-381 mm83.5510/230
SAIPLC 18-2018-20″/457-508 mm70″/1778 mm17-19″/432-482 mm17-19″/432-482 mm157695/313