Pneumatic Tired Pipe Cradles

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Roller Cradles

* Available in sizes 6″- 60″
* The cradle design provides quick disassembly for transit and storage
* Designed load capacity insures safe handling of heavy wall pipe
* Multiple urethane rollers spaced to support the pipe evenly and prevent an “egging” problem
* Cradle design eliminates welded seam hang-up
* Wire rope assembly meets ANSI B-30-9 sling requirements, OSHA 1910.184 sling requirements and OSHA 1926.251 material handling requirements. Ensures greater personal safety.

Pneumatic Tired Pipe Cradles

* Five pipe range designs for pipe sizes 4″ (114 mm) through 48″ (1219 mm)
* Large pneumatic tired cradle wheels mounted on a strong steel frame with cradle bails
* Pipe cent and wrapped pipe without dangerering rubber guide roller adjusts for various pipe sizes
* Handles coated of damage
* Eliminates lowing-in belts with multiple tractors using the leap frog method

pneumatic tired pipe cradles
3-Axle pipe Cradle

* Adjustable to full range of cradle

Heavy duty replacement cradle rollers
Available to fit cradles sizes 6″ – 60″