Sales Information

Call or contact us for more specific sales information on all of our product line. We offer discounts by quantity and currently have specials running right now. Limited time offer, get the equipment you need to complete your project on time and under budget.

Spring Special Purchase Options!!!

We have special offer for limited time on our equipment!

LoneStar Single Head Welding Unit

Purchase special for Single Head LoneStar Automated Welding System for 25% off the list price.

$45,500.00 complete*.

Dyna Torque Pipe Facing Machine (PFM)

Pipe Facing Machine purchase price special 35% discounted rate for PFM1632-12-36. 12 inch to 36 inch pipe with one Chassis.
PFM 1632-12-36 Chassis $65,000.00

12 to 18 clamp section $12,500.00

Note: special redial arms needed for 12 inch.

16 to 23 inch clamp section $18,900.00

24 to 36 inch clamp section $23,450.00

Each clamp section comes with adapter kit for two pipe diameters included.

Contact us for more details by Email or phone.

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