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Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. offers welding expertise and a range of equipment for shop  fabrication. Capitalizing on the years of experience in welder qualification and training, as well as the vast knowledge in the development of welding parameters and welding procedure qualifications, we are a one-point company for hardware and consultancy services for onshore and offshore pipeline projects.

Our line of welding equipment, LoneStar Automated Welding System was designed and developed for high productivity and durability in shop pipe fabrication.  Complemented with our unmatched welder qualification and training services, we can assist in all your shop fabrication needs.

We have helped Fortune 500 companies, as well as small family-owned businesses, with the wide range of shop pipe fabrication needs. We can assist you in timely manner and within budget for your projects like vessels, manifolds, welding risers, and many other projects.

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Manifolds – Headers

Taylor Forge, an international leader in the manifold manufacturing, uses our LoneStar automated and mechanized welding system in their manufacturing facility in Paola, Kansas. The manifolds welded with our systems are sourced to the production facilities world over—it is a testimony to the quality commitment we adhere to, and how reliable and durable our welding equipment is.

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Production Risers

GE VetcoGray, a company with a great credibility in the industry, employs the Dyna Torque LoneStar mechanized welding system for manufacturing of the production risers for BP, in their Houston, Texas facility. With our equipment, the company completed the first phase of the shop-pipe fabrication project before schedule and with zero defects.

manifold headers weldingslug catcher headers welding

Buckle Arrestor

With our range of automated systems, we can help design and weld buckle arrestors with precision to limit the harm to the pipeline structure between adjacent arrestors.

shop fabrication HoustonSCR welding

Flex Joint Welding

Our shop pipe fabrication experts have assisted in flex joint welding for a number of projects. With our service, you can protect your pipeline from the tension and tension, which often pipelines are exposed to because of the ground motion.

Buckle arrestor weldingoffshore fabrication Texas

Pipe Spool

Fabricating pipe spool, which includes prefabricated components flanges, pipes, and fittings, can be made easier with our automated LoneStar welding system. Reduce repair cost, as our range of LoneStar equipment and automated welding system can help weld spools quicker than manually.

Flex joint weldingpipe flex joint welding

Specialty Welds

Our wide variety of LoneStar mechanized bug-based welding systems can help reduce cost and work hours for pipe welding projects. Whether welding on caterpillar rear-axle tubes or fatigue test welds, or whatever specialty weld you need to complete, we can help you adhere the highest quality standards.

specialty welding pipe spool welding

Welder Training

We have significant experience in offering welder training and qualification services based on the requirement; we can provide services at our facility as well as the project site. Our range of equipment and automated welding system reduces the training time considerably. Working with our equipment takes less than 15 minutes.

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