Dyna-Torque Technologies Houston, Texas

                                                         We Offer Made in Texas Equipment with a Promise of Quality

Established in 1998, Dyna-Torque Technologies, Inc. began its journey as a significant innovator. The company fundamentally redesigned and manufactured the automated pipe beveling equipment, which had remained unchanged since 1975, into a versatile machine with the ability to bring the welding repair rate significantly down.  Our patented Pipe Facing Machines (PFM), along with our latest advanced orbital automatic pipe welding system, is still pushing the envelope in the pipeline construction industry.

With specialization in PFM and orbital welding, we, an invention-centric original equipment manufacturer based in the USA, offer welding expertise and services along with the automated welding equipment, which capitalizes on the latest technology in the industry.

Our pioneering zeal and quality manufacturing have helped us be known as a one-stop company for pipeline welding that provide solutions to contractors for projects of variable scale across the world.


LoneStar Orbital Welding System along with Pipe Face Machines (PFM) are designed and built by Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. in their corporate office located in Houston Texas.

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Leveraging Technology to Create Next Generation Welding Equipment

We have an inventory for different chassis PFMs, designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas, with models that complement pipe ranging from 4 inches to 72 inches. Whereas our Lonestar automated welding systems—single head, dual head, WF, and GTAW—advance orbital pipe welding equipment applicable to a range of projects, help attain consistent and accurate welding, aided with microprocessor control technology. We designed the system with an objective to modernize the mechanized welding techniques, and the leading-edge microprocessor technologies, coupled with software development, helped us create equipment that offers a digital welding solution for the pipeline industry.

With our solutions, PFMs, automated welding machines, and an array of internal lineup clamps, available in sizes 6″ to 60″, carved especially for the pipeline industry, you can achieve quality welding with excellent repeatability, eliminate human error and occupational accidents, and reduce labor and repair cost.

We guarantee lower rates of repairs and efficient and prompt after-sales service for our customers. Capitalize on the quality equipment manufactured in the USA.