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Dyna Torque, Houston TexasDyna Torque Technologies, Inc.

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Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing the pipeline industry with the most efficient and trouble free equipment available. This is accomplished through continual research and develop, extending competitive pricing and offering outstanding customer service.

In 1998, Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. determined that the automated pipe beveling equipment being used in the pipeline construction industry was in need of modernization. The pipe facing machines (PFM’s) in service up to that time had not benefited from a significant upgrade since 1975. In July of 1998, Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. was formed and incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas. Patents were applied for and subsequently awarded.

In August of that year the first prototype PFM was completed and the testing process commenced. After a month and a half of testing, the prototype was ready for demonstration to possible customers. Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. contacted Global Industries, a large offshore pipeline contractor, and arranged for a demonstration of the new PFM at Global’s R&D facility in Louisiana. During the demonstration, the Sr. Vice President of Global Industries witnessed the speed and precision of Dyna Torque’s PFM and requested that Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. immediately ship the prototype PFM offshore to the Derrick/Lay Barge Hercules, which was on a job and experiencing an extremely high weld repair rate. Within a few days of Dyna Torque’s PFM arriving and going on line, the repair rate fell to acceptable levels, allowing Global Industries to meet the deadline for completion of the pipeline. After returning to Houston, Texas, Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. commenced production of the PFM’s. The PFM’s were assembled, tested and immediately generated interest from the pipeline industry.

In 2001, British Gas/Transco, U.K. approached Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. to find a solution to a problem they encountered when tying in light-wall to heavy-wall sections of pipe. Dyna Torque’s solution to this problem was the new “Dyna Torque Bevel”, which is a counter bore/transition combination bevel. When this bevel design was introduced to British Gas/Transco, it was immediately tested, accepted and ultimately written into their specifications for welding procedures. (see Bevel Designs)

By 2002, pipeline installations had begun using smaller pipe ID’s. Recognizing a need for facing machines with the ability to bevel smaller pipe sizes, Dyna Torque Technologies Inc. introduced its 6” to 12” pipe facing machine.

Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. latest development, the LoneStar Automatic Welding System was developed by Dejan Medanic and Michael Farrell and introduced in 2003. The LONESTAR is an advanced orbital automatic pipe welding system designed to modernize traditional welding techniques and processes by integrating the latest in software development and microprocessor technologies combined with innovative device design to offer a compelling digital welding solution.

Mr. Medanic has 18 years extensive experience in the design of various process controllers. He has a technical education, including a BSc degree in Information Technology and Computing, as well as a diverse working experience, resulting in extensive working knowledge of existing computing platforms, operating systems, software development tools and languages plus advanced knowledge of developing electrical and electronic circuitry.

Mr. Farrell has 45 years involvement in the pipeline construction industry, which has resulted in extensive experience in pipeline construction and welding in general. He has knowledge of all welding techniques, and years of developing welding procedures allows him to perform as a welding consultant and developer of welding procedures for a variety of manual and automated welding procedures.

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